Silver Lining Music

Original NeoRetro

Solo Together is song-writers Paul Sandoval and Kathe Davis trading back and forth on tracks. These are songs that they perform together, but that they wrote separately, mostly before they met.

Solo Together is Silver Linings first full-band album. Rich in harmonies and channeling different genres throughout, this album meanders delightfully from up-beat rock & roll to slow blues, from rhythm-heavy R&B to groovy ballads, and from waltz to funk. This CD will leave you wondering what they will do next.

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So what is NeoRetro, you ask? It means "New Classics" ... original songs with strong vocal melodies and harmonies. Modern tunes with roots that go all the way back to our youth.

As singers and song writers, Kathe Davis and Paul Sandoval perform music that resonates with the past and the present, and will take you on a stylistic journey that will delight both young and old. Silver Lining knows how to find a groove ... and touch your heart.

You can purchase any of the NeoRetro songs or the whole cd at CD Baby: